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Fine Metronome is an application to check, tweak, and control music tempo
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Fine Metronome is a handy application that will help any musician check, tweak, and control music tempo in an easy and convenient manner: both visually, with the help of sequentially displayed numbers, and audibly with rhythmic beats and taps.

The thing that sets Fine Metronome apart from the many other virtual metronomes on the market is its accuracy. It’s a very reliable virtual metronome that can perform flawlessly even on very high tempo of many hundreds of beats per minute.

Another impressive feature of this program is that it’s highly customizable. Every little aspect of the metronome can be tweaked to your liking, including the tempo, the volume, or even the theme of the interface.

Using Fine Metronome is extremely easy, thanks to its simple and straightforward interface. It can be controlled using hotkeys, so it won’t interfere in your playing, composing, or other main musical tasks that you’re performing. Handy presets for the tempo and meter settings are also available.

Cutting long story short, Fine Metronome is a really handy, convenient, and reliable virtual metronome that leaves no room for disappointment and largely justifies its price.

Margie Smeer
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  • Highly-customizable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Very accurate


  • A bit pricey for such kind of programs
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