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Fine Metronome 3.5.0

It allows you to control tempo both audibly and visually
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Fine Metronome is a very useful program for musicians or composers: it allows one to control tempo both audibly and visually. The program is very easy to use: you just need to select the number of beats, adjust the tempo, and start the metronome. The program allows you to select 1, 2, 3, 4, 3+2, 5/2, and 7/2 beats, but you can set sub-beats to increase the number of beats, e.g. if you choose to play 4 beats, you can select the quadruple sub-beat and the result will be 16 beats.

The tempo can be selected from the range of 1 to 999 bpm, and it can be adjusted by typing in the number in the center of the main window (or optionally by using the tempo sliding bar, or by using the left and right arrow keys).

The program includes a user preset window that allows you to save all the meters you make with your own parameters. Also you can export your meters to WAV or MP3 loop files. With the sound options you can change the sounds of the accented beats, subbeats, and normal beats. With the volume options you can adjust the volume of the accented beat, normal beat, subbeat, and bell (bell is used in complex meters). You can also set the tempo by using the Tap function.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can save your meters in presets


  • Trial version can be used only for seven days and some functions are not available
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